Project Information

Hebo Yapı has successfully completed the worker camp project of 5.000 m2 in total in Basra, which is the energy capital of Iraq. The worker camp built for BP, one of the leading energy companies, has been delivered to our customers safely. Prefabricated office buildings, prefabricated dormitory buildings, prefabricated dining hall buildings, prefabricated WC-shower buildings, prefabricated laundry buildings, prefabricated clinical buildings and prefabricated lounges were delivered to our customers.

Our prefabricated camp buildings established in Basra, the hottest region of Iraq, have been isolated and delivered to our customers in accordance with the hot weather conditions of the region. Building reliability is ensured with assembly time and non-flammability of Hekim Board thanks to Hekimpan wall panels which can be assembled in short time. Having completed the installation of many workers in the Basra region, Hebo Yapı receives many more demands from the region thanks to its quality and reliability.

In addition to BP, prefabricated camp projects have been completed in different parts of the world for Shell, Exxon Mobile and TOTAL.