Single Storey Prefabricated House

Single Storey Prefabricated Houses

Single Storey Prefabricated House solutions continue to be the most preferred type of prefabricated house type due to both their delivery and economical efficiency. Hebo specializes in constructing residential buildings with steel carcass system and offers long-lasting structures to its customers.

The single-storey Prefabricated House products can be selected from Hebo Yapı's prefabricated housing catalog as well as they may consist of the models designed externally according to their own needs.

These single-storey prefabricated houses, which can be build quickly and in an economical way, are not only made of steel, but also make a difference with insulation and coating values. The buildings having façades and roofs insulated with high-density stone wool insulate the buildings in real sense and protect them against fire. The A1 class Hekimboard and stone wool insulation materials are only two of the Hebo Yapı's difference in the industry.

For Single Storey Prefabricated Houses, only 25-30 cm of water basin and floor coverings by our customers will be sufficient. Our single storey prefabricated houses to be transported to the site of erection according to the terms of the agreement, are shipped to the site and the installation starts immediately by our installation teams. Following the completion of rough installation in about 5 days according to the conditions of the project, electricity and plumbing operations are completed in two days by our team and screed and floor coatings are done by our customer . In the final stage, painting and finishing touches of Single Storey Prefabricated House are done by ourselves and presented to our customers for use by our customers.

One of the biggest advantages of single-storey prefabricated houses is that they can be easily dismantled and transported to a different place. It is enough to call Hebo Yapı if our customer has used the house for a certain period of time and then has to relocate it for any reason. Our professional assembly teams can do de-montage immediately and can also install a single-storey prefabricated house in the new area with the provision of additional materials that may be needed.

In single-storey Prefabricated Houses, the internal net heights of structures may vary from 2.5 m to 3 m. While the inner pavements of the constructions are in the form of fibercement / Hekimboard, many different alternative materials such as wood pattern, stone pattern, brick pattern and fugue can be used which are more decorative in exterior facade finishes. Such applications may be visually very different from single-storey Prefabricated Houses.

In addition to the metal tiles that can be used for the roof coating of such buildings and produced by Hekim Yapı, an affiliate of Hekim Holding, alternatively the options such as shingle, sandwich panel or galvanized sheet can be used as well.

Besides constructing individual Single Storey Prefabricated Buildings up to now, Hebo Yapı has signed up to mass housing projects as well. Some of the references are the projects in the form of mass housing such as in Libya, Gabon, Iraq, Congo, Ecuador Guinea, Sudan, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Belgium and many other countries. Hebo Yapı has presented two-story and three-storey prefabricated buildings to the likes of its customers as well as offering its customers the pleasure of the single-storey Prefabricated Houses through the fairs they attended.

One of the greatest features that distinguish Hebo Yapı from its competitors is undoubtedly the added value of its staff. All the units work in harmony with each other in a system that is based on the spirit of a full team work and the entire process from the creation of the demand to the delivery of the single storey prefabricated house to the customer is processed in a harmonious way. While the average age of employees is quite young, the average working time of employees in the company is not less than 10 years. This is a major factor in the formation of trust and quality.

Single Storey Prefabricated House Projects

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