Public Buildings

Hebo Yapı Public Buildings

The need for peace is as old as the history of mankind. People have built buildings to reach this need throughout the ages, over time they have built cities.Nowadays, building is combined with modern technology and requires new innovations. Eskin’s unique designs leave the place to products suitable for the purpose of use, if necessary personalized, high quality and fast-paced products.

Hebo Yapı A.Ş. also creates living spaces with the qualities demanded by individuals and institutions in line with their expertise in the field of R & D and UR-Ge that they have created with this point of view. It makes a difference in the industry by facilitating life with all types of construction sites, multipurpose living containers, security cabins, sales units, modular wc-showers, changing cabins and project-based boutiques in a wide range of products. It aims to meet contemporary requirements in new urbanism and to use its products in a way that contributes to city development.

Hebo Yapi A.Ş, which was founded with the motto of “Design Freedom”, has recently signed many special projects. Hebo Yapı A.Ş.’s building sites are located in the road, airport, commercial and residential projects of both government and private institutions as well as special projects of many construction companies. We provide fast, high quality, economical and aesthetic solutions to all the needs of the staff working with the camps for the accommodation, food, work and social purposes.

Apart from these works, he also works for public buildings, which are renovated, to produce specially designed structures for various purposes such as school, kindergarten, social facility and work office.