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Hebo City Modular Products

Hebo Yapı A.Ş., signing many pioneers  with its distinguished product range produced with a privileged perspective, offers suitable constructive solutions in today's technology by combining quality and aesthetics and meeting people's needs for housing.

The city furniture that we produce under the Hebo City brand is the modular living space that facilitates the life of the individual in daily life in its widest sense and contributes directly to the general texture of the city as well. We think that city furniture has a special designation in the new generation urbanism concept, because the buildings directly penetrate urban life and urban slum. From this point of view, we bring out the products which we manufacture by combining environmentalist raw materials and the technology of 21st century and by considering the effects of urban design on the new urbanism.

We offer customized solutions to the professionals in the sector by delivering living spaces which can be transported in one piece in desired sizes and delivered in demounted form if desired; with the capability to comply with any kind of urban patterns thanks to the diversity of coating on the outer surface and functional production solutions obtained through our R&D works developing day by day and the technological infrastructure that can be designed completely according to the individual requests.

During the day in city life;

  • The cab stand that you use for daily trips;
  • the sales kiosk where you buy bus tickets;
  • the security cabin in front of your building;
  • the cabin in the parking lot where you leave your car;
  • the sales kiosk where you shop every day;
  • the cafeteria in the park where you go at weekends;
  • the police point in front of the police station in our neighborhood;
  • the cash dispenser where you get money;
  • the contact point for municipal services;
  • the lockers, WC and shower units in the sports area

briefly, all the ready-made structures we use in the urban life are the Hebo City products that we manufacture within the range of city furniture.

Hebo City Projects

Masjid Project
Masjid ProjectTurkey
City Furniture
City FurnitureTurkey
Hebo City Office Project
Hebo City Office ProjectTurkey
Hobby House Project
Hobby House ProjectTurkey
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