Office Buildings

Prefabricated Office Buildings

Modular Ready Buildings, constructions, contructed 95 percent at the factory under control and requiring less workforce at the site and provide installation in a short time. Office facilities are usually built permanently for the municipalities and mobile for the construction sites of various organizations. The most important factor in the projecting process of prefabricated office buildings is the demands and data of the customers. Our priority is to realize the projects of our customers. Additionally, our company has standardized plans in various alternatives and m2.

Our prefabricated office buildings are produced and assembled as one-storey and two-storey with the details of the Hekim Panel System or the Hekim Steel Carcass Panel System. It is possible to build 3000mm, 3500mm floor height if requested in prefabricated office buildings where 1250x2500 mm standard panels are used.

HekimBoard fibercement is a particularly preferred material in xterior and interior panel coatings of the buildings, because of being Class A-1 incombustible. Panels are used with HekimBoard fibercement on outer surfaces, HekimBoard fibercement / pet coating on inner surfaces. All installations are preferably designed as flush mounted or surface mounted.

Office Buildings Projects

Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation Buildings
Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation BuildingsUnited Arab Emirates
Office Building
Office BuildingGhana
Public Service Building
Public Service BuildingTurkey
Public Office Building
Public Office BuildingTurkey
Language House Project
Language House ProjectTurkey
Single Storey Prefabricated Office Building
Single Storey Prefabricated Office BuildingTurkey
Prefabricated Campground
Prefabricated CampgroundIraq
Prefabricated Camp Project
Prefabricated Camp ProjectGhana
Engineer Offices Project
Engineer Offices ProjectQatar
Airport Camp Project
Airport Camp ProjectLibya
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