Package House

Your Home is Ready in a Day with Hebo Yapı

Hebo Yapı adds a new one to the alternative buildings it creates in terms of living spaces. The ready-made house, which is designed as 48 m2, is produced to be ready for a session in just one day, and it saves you weeks or even months even during the installation phase.

Economical and Practical Concept Home Ideas

If you are looking for a fast and economical solution especially for your lands that do not allow reinforced concrete and have zoning or ground problems, you are in the right place. Hebo Yapı also pays special attention to the interior design of its combined container type houses. The entire design is created by considering both your comfort and safety needs. Since the container house forms integrity with its own chassis, it also makes it easier to build the structure in parts without the need for deep foundations. This practical package house design, spreading on a floor area of 48 m2, is light and independent from the ground, providing a unique life safety against natural disasters such as earthquakes. Fibercement exterior cladding not only gives the building an aesthetic appearance, but also protects you and your family against fire hazards in a superior way.

If the Land Is Not Suitable For The Building, The Building Fits The Land

You can save on the cost of land reclamation in difficult terrains and use this savings for your landscape design or other needs. Thanks to Hebo Yapı houses, if your land does not fit the structure, you can adapt the building to your land. This attitude cuts the investment required to create the right ground conditions in almost half, even in large projects such as public housing. Those who choose Hebo Yapı and choose to adapt their homes to the land are making a profit even during the construction phase.

If the Land Is Not Suitable For The Building, The Building Fits The Land

When you think about how much you can be with 48 m2 together, easily in a standard Hebo house. You can have the comfort of a standard home with Hebo Yapı package houses that include two bedrooms, a living room, independent kitchen and bathroom washing. You may also have the privilege of having a veranda where you can have dinner or sip your tea. You can contact our team at any time to take advantage of Hebo Yapı advantages and get more detailed information about reasonable prices and fill out the request form on our site.

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