Dining Hall Buildings

Prefabricated Dining Room Buildings

We create solutions for schools, hospitals, social facilities, cafeteria buildings in international standards. Just like in the dormitory and office buildings, we can also work out customized design projects besides the pre-designed standard prefabricated dining hall buildings. Since the major concern in these structures used as dining room and kitchen is hygiene, material choices are made in this direction.

Hekim Panel and Hekim Steel Carcass systems in prefabricated dining hall constructions, especially in the kitchen section A-1 class incombustible HekimBoard fibercement material is preferred. In addition to our standard prefabricated dining hall plan types, projecting, production and assembly are also carried out at the desired dimensions. It is possible to demount and re-install several times.

Dining Hall Buildings Projects

Dining Hall Project
Dining Hall ProjectTurkey
Prefabricated Camp Project
Prefabricated Camp ProjectGabon
Prefabricated Campground
Prefabricated CampgroundIraq
Prefabricated Camp Project
Prefabricated Camp ProjectGhana
Engineer Offices Project
Engineer Offices ProjectQatar
Airport Camp Project
Airport Camp ProjectLibya
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