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Light Steel Health Buildings

Hebo Yapı is very assertive in health care structures as well as in other building types produced in light steel system. One of the biggest reasons for this is that no materials with asbest content are used at any stage in the assembly of the buildings and that non of the materials used is harmful to the health. The use of fibercement that is 1st Class in terms of fire and water resistance is also a plus.

Moreover, the healthy and safelu operation of the required medical devices is ensured due to the infrastructure of electrical and sanitary installations supplied by Hebo Yapı. The system, which can provide triphasic electric power when necessary, has the diversity to supply power to all kinds of devices.

The health care structures erected by Hekim Group include Karabük State Hospital, Polyclinics of Dudullu Industrial Zone and clinics in many parts of the world.

During the production of the health facilities, all users who will use these buildings will be identified and a plan will be laid out for all of them separately. In this respect, the details of all the parties, from the officials who will serve in these buildings to the doctors, from the patients who will be treated to the relatives who will come to visit them, are considered and the plans and projects are produced accordingly. One of the greatest features of Hebo Yapı is to complete such buildings and offer for service whereas many companİes only designs them.

Health Building Standard Products

Health Building Projects

Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation Buildings
Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation BuildingsUnited Arab Emirates
Accommodation Project
Accommodation ProjectUnited Arab Emirates
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