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Light Steel Office Buildings

Light Steel Prefabricated office buildings are generally used to create prestigious buildings. Producing such offices and offering to the its customers since 1996, Hebo Yapı, gets the full mark from its customers.

These types of office buildings are generally produced with in-situ glazed profile system and are coated with specially designed fibercements and gain aesthetic appearance. Generally speaking, they are not like standard prefabricated offices produced by other companies in the sector, but offices specially designed for the needs of the customer. This is one of the biggest features that distinguish Hebo Yapı from its competitors.

Such office buildings can be designed and produced up to 8 floors. In this type of construction, the design of the exterior can also be left to the customer. Hekim Yapı, which is one of the leading companies of the sector and also one of the Hekim Holding companies, presents different end options of fibercement that can be left to the selection of the customers. They contain many different options such as plain fugue, wooden pattern, marine print cover, stone pattern, brick pattern etc.. In this way, customers can have office buildings that are suitable for their own corporate structure.

Office Buildings Projects

Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation Buildings
Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation BuildingsUnited Arab Emirates
Office Building
Office BuildingGhana
Accommodation Project
Accommodation ProjectUnited Arab Emirates
Duplex Light Steel Office Building
Duplex Light Steel Office BuildingTurkey
Light Steel Office Project
Light Steel Office ProjectGabon
Light Steel Office Building
Light Steel Office BuildingTurkey
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