Multi-Purpose Offices

Multipurpose Office Buildings

Hebo City Office buildings have come up with the blending of environmentally friendly raw materials with the latest technology and the requirements of today's urbanism. While providing great solutions in small areas, the richness of the façade coatings, prepared by taking the existing construction with its external appearance into account, provide a great harmony with the urban texture. It adapts to new urbanism concept with various colors and pattern alternatives used in modern designs.

Hebo City Office buildings are our most preferred product group especially for prestigious applications.

Our aim is to meet the contemporary requirements and to use our products to contribute to the city development. From this point of view, in our Hebo City multi-purpose offices, customized exclusively for individual purposes, it is possible to work out different functions and sizes according to customer requirements.

"Hebo City Multipurpose office buildings are used in many areas such as offices, cafeterias, dormitories, social facilities ... on construction sites and construction fields. 

All of the exterior surfaces of Hebo City multi-purpose offices produced with light steel system are covered with A-1 class incombustible HekimBoard fibercement surface coating material. The different pattern alternatives of Fibercement allows to produce aesthetic solutions . Moreover, thanks to the environmental friendly and local raw materials we use in our production, we contribute to sustainable living while preserving ecological balance."

The nature and cities we live in are our heritage that we have taken from our past and we are obliged to transmit to the future in the best way possible. Within this structure, we, taking part in the constructions of the cities, should carry out all our activities with this pont of view.
We, as a company, act with the consciousness of this responsibility both in our production stages and in the products we manufacture, and we hope that this point of view will become more and more widespread every day.

Multi-Purpose Offices Projects

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