WC-Shower Cabins

Modular WC-Shower Cabins

Hebo City WC-Shower groups are very aesthetic and robust. The fibercement coated external façade on the strong container construction is incombustible, insoluble and resistant to impacts. It adapts to the new urbanism concept with its modern designs, various colors and pattern alternatives. VIP solutions are available in the WC and shower units that create an elegant atmosphere in the venue without creating image pollution in various places of the city.

All WC shower groups have mirror, washbasin, Turkish or European style WC, paperholder, shelves, toilet seat cover, soap dispenser and aspirator, automatic fuse, socket key, wiring and lighting fixtures.

In Hebocity WC-shower units used by more than one person in public places, hygiene, ventilation, durable and correct material selection are among the most important criteria. It is projected according to the location and average number of people to use it. The cabins used as an urban element are manufactured by considering all the aesthetic criteria including the external façade.

Besides our standard plans, customized projects can also be created according to customer requests in Hebo City WC-shower solutions.
In Hebo City WC-Shower Cabins, special solutions are provided for disabled citizens who are an integral part of urban life. The special designs we have produced for the disabled are carried out by taking the choice of door, ramp inclination, accessory types and suitable materials for the handicapped standards into account. The disabled WC floors are covered with ceramic material because they are easily cleanable and durable. Stainless steel is used for hand wash locations; the bottom surface is non-combustible. Toilet seats and other accessories are selected from products designed specifically for disabled citizens. Hangers must have hooks for walking sticks. A mirror and shelf in wheelchair designs may be desirable.
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