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Modular Security Cabins

The safety cabins we manufacture under the Hebo City brand are the modular living spaces that make life easier for the individual in everyday life and contribute directly to the general texture of the city. 0
We think that city furniture plays an important role in the new generation urbanism concept. We combine environmentally friendly raw materials and the technology of 21st century to reveal the effects of urban design on new urbanism with the Hebo City products, that we manufacture in this respect. 

It is the biggest visual advantage of our Hebo City cabins to become a part of the pattern, in which it is placed , by having a stony appearance beside a historical building, a wooden appearance in a forest and glass or metal appearance in front of a modern sky-scraper.

"While providing multifunctional solutions in the interior of smaller spaces, Hebo City products offer also a great harmony with their external appearance to all types of urban patterns with the richness of the façade covering types, prepared by taking the existing constructions into consideration. Moreover, thanks to the environmentally friendly and local raw materials, that we use in our production, we contribute to the preservation of ecological balance while contributing to sustainable living.

Our Hebo City Cabins may be used to meet both private and public needs such as security cabins for monitoring and control, cabins of watchmen at constructions sites, security gate at the military units, security and guarding cabins for apartment buildings and housing blocks. These cabins are usually preferred because they are practical and economical; they can easily be relocated and moved, and any architectural design is suitable.

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