Construction Site Buildings

Construction Site Buildings Hebo Yapı

Hebo Yapı produces prefabricated construction site buildings that are suitable for the needs of customers, especially in the fields of construction and energy. The major advantages of these prefabricated building sites are;

  • Offering the quality for a more affordable price,
  • Providing a healthy environment for managers, engineers, formants and workers who will live in it,
  • Being first class about resistance to fire and other natural conditions,
  • Easy to mount and de-mount,
  • Possibility to establish in different sites again again due to the quality of the construction,
  • Availability assurance for after-sales services Hekim Holding in addition to Hebo Yapı,
Many ather properties can be added to the above advantages, .

Hebo Yapı considers itself not as a supplier of the institutions for wihich it produces building sites but as a solution partner, and fulfills its duties about the buildings in the construction site by taking the size of the project, where it is one of the stakeholders into account . This allows the solution partners to concentrate on their own projects, rather than thinking about building sites.

Hebo Yapı has a customer-focused structure, starting from the marketing department to the installation team, which leads to over 90% customer satisfaction.