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Socotra Island is a historical island protected by Unesco with its beauty, unique climate and vegetation. As Hebo Yapı, the modular prison camp consisting of 350 containers of 240*600 cm was produced in a short time, and delivered to Yemen and then to Socotra Island by private ships. Special aircrafts were provided for our team sent for assembly, and their transportation to the field was ensured. Modular prison camp has been delivered to our customers by striving under very difficult conditions.

The practical and fast assembly of Hebo flat pack containers, which are produced by using seamless construction technology, has significantly reduced the labor in the field and provided great convenience during the assembly phase.

Flat pack containers are shipped with ready-made bottom and top chassis, complete flooring and panel-window-doors packed in the package. Our disassembled flat pack containers, which can be assembled in 2 hours, are mostly preferred by our customers. Modular offices, modular dormitories, modular dining halls, modular laundries, modular WC-shower structures can be easily installed from flat pack containers, and provide great convenience from shipment to installation.