Project Information

Hebo Yapı completed the 880 m2 luxury sports hall installation in Abu Dhabi. 4 mm thick sheet metal is used in the production of the prefabricated sports hall produced using a lightweight steel system. The production and assembly of the sports hall, which is one of the rare projects produced as a single span of 22 m from lightweight steel, was completed very quickly and delivered to our customers.

Hekim Board fiber cement was used on the façade cladding of the building, for which all static calculations were made according to Eurocode. Fiber cement in A1 fireproof class, which stands out with its water and fire resistance, is especially added to their technical specifications by our customers. Hekim Board's durability and decorative appearance play an important role in the selection of the material by the users. Produced by Hekim Yapı, one of the companies of Hekim Holding, Hekim Board is exported to many countries of the world.

In the production of the prefabricated sports hall, 4 mm thick specially bent galvanized sheets prepared by Hekim Profil, another company of Hekim Holding, were used.