WC-Shower Container

Container WC-Shower Solutions

It is preferred as a practical and quick solution in social facility areas, workers' sites, mines, international exhibition organizations, tourism regions, road construction sites. When designing Wc-shower containers, hygiene and ventilation should be considered.

Depending on the purpose of use, alternative productions can be made as single storey, two storey and three storey. Containers are constructions that facilitate transport and installation. Containers may be produced in the forms of  monoblock, demounted and combined with Hekim Panel or Hekim Klasik systems according to purpose, place and type of usage.

WC-Shower Container Projects

Refugee Camp Project
Refugee Camp ProjectGermany
Single and Two Storey Container Project
Single and Two Storey Container ProjectTurkey
Three Storey Container Project
Three Storey Container ProjectTurkey
Construction Site Container Project
Construction Site Container ProjectQatar
Container Office Project
Container Office ProjectQatar
Military Camp Project
Military Camp ProjectAfghanistan
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