Hebo Cabin Solutions

HEBO Yapı A.Ş. produces living spaces and industrial modular constructions demanded by individuals and organizations with appropriate qualities based on its expertise in fields of R & D and P & D . It aims to meet contemporary requirements in new urbanism and to use its products in a way to contribute to city development.

Hebo Cabins manufactured with this perspective have a great proposition in the sector with its contemporary, aesthetic and environment friendly structure.The cabins are modular structures, used in different usage areas with the properties of fast production, transport convenience, superior insulation values, as well as ease of installation.

Light steel technology is used in the manufacture of these products, which are used as a city furniture. The modular structures produced from sandwich panel systems, assembling the ceiling and base profiles with carrier corners, C - U profiles, bolted and screwed connections by using HekimStructureRobot technology, using galvanized sheet;  are easy to transport, easy to clean and lightweight with mobile facilities.

Thanks to its properties of being environmental friendly, superior quality, superior insulation properties, faster production, faster installation and more economical, the Hebo Cabins meet requirements of the customers fully.
Cabins are products that respond to both private and public needs as well as individual requests. They can be used especially as security cabins for monitoring and control, cabins of watchmen at constructions sites, security gate at the military units, security and guarding cabins for apartment buildings and housing blocks. They serve as for many purposes such as checkpoints, consultation booths, sales kiosks, WC showers for mass use in city centers.

These cabins are usually preferred because they are practical and economical; they can easily be relocated and moved, and any architectural design is suitable.

In addition to standard cabins, customized production in different dimensions and specifications according to the different customer needs is possible as well.

Advantages of Modular Cabin Products

  • can be transported easily. 
  • easy to clean. 
  • light. 
  • Environmental friendly
  • high quality. 
  • provides superior insulation. 
  • can be produced faster. 
  • provides fast assembly-disassembly. 
  • economical.
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