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Modular Taxi Stops

While offering multi-functional solutions even in small spaces with the cabins, Hebo City offers products that match modern or any city texture with the variety of the façade coatings in their exterior appearances. All the ready-made structures we use in city life during the day are the products we manufactured within the scope of city furniture. The cab stands that we produce within this product group and which we have developed by assessing the impacts of the urban design on the new urbanism concept are among our most preferred products by our customers.

Hebo City Cab Stands, which are more advantageous in every aspect compared to other cab stands manufactured from materials such as sheet metal, polyester, composite, aluminum and plastic in the market, are more advantageous in all respects due to their stainlessness, non-flammability, sound insulation and have become the leader in the industry.

It is the biggest visual advantage of our Hebo City cab stands to become a part of the pattern, in which it is placed , by having a stony appearance beside a historical building, a wooden appearance in a forest and glass or metal appearance in front of a modern sky-scraper. Thanks to this privilege, specific project solutions are provided for both the municipality and the public, as well as individual customer requests.

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