Prefabricated Building

Hebo Prefabricated Building Solutions

Hebo Yapı continues to provide services to its customers with the experience and know-how it has gained in the sector for more than 20 years in the production of prefabricated construction sites and camp buildings.

In this context, Hebo Yapı offers its customers exclusive options with 3 different prefabricated building production. The first one is the light steel system produced by insulation and fibercement coating on the steel carcass; the second is the press panel system which is produced by using EPS between the two surfaces of the walls with fibercement and the economical alternative without decreasing the quality and the third is the sandwich panel system production, produced by using galvanized sheet, painted on both surfaces as an alternative against press panel. .

With these options, product range offered to solution partners are; prefabricated office buildings, prefabricated dormitory buildings, prefabricated dining hall buildings, prefabricated WC-shower buildings, prefabricated social facility buildings, laundry rooms, prefabricated mosques, prefabricated clinics and prefabricated educational buildings. These structures have the ability to be disassembled and reassembled several times. The prefabricated buildings that have been once purchased on this site can provide solutions for several different construction site areas. Again in this context, Hebo Yapı offers its customers the disassembly-tooling service of their own prefabricated buildings.

Those buildings, manufactured with advanced technology, have also a certificate of conformity to the "NFPA 5000" codes, abbreviation of American Fire Codes. In this respect, Hebo Building's customers are also comfortable with the safety of the accommodation provided to their employees.

Due to the water resistance property of the fibercement used in the inner and outer coatings of buildings, no deformation of the materials occur over time.

Another property of fibercement is that it is absolutely impossible to encounter such problems due to its cement-based nature of hosting the pests, which are the biggest problems of the majority of other coating materials.

Another advantage, at least as important as the above advantages, is that there is absolutely no aspest which is harmful to human health. The materials used are completely healthy.

Prefabricated Building Projects

Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation Buildings
Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation BuildingsUnited Arab Emirates
Office Building
Office BuildingGhana
Public Service Building
Public Service BuildingTurkey
Dining Hall Project
Dining Hall ProjectTurkey
Public Office Building
Public Office BuildingTurkey
Language House Project
Language House ProjectTurkey
Logistics Center and Meeting Room Project
Logistics Center and Meeting Room ProjectTurkey
Single Storey Prefabricated Office Building
Single Storey Prefabricated Office BuildingTurkey
Prefabricated Market Place Project
Prefabricated Market Place ProjectTurkey
Animal Shelters Project
Animal Shelters ProjectTurkey
Prefabricated Mosque
Prefabricated MosqueIraq
Prefabricated Camp Project
Prefabricated Camp ProjectGabon
Prefabricated Café Project
Prefabricated Café ProjectTurkey
Prefabricated Control Point Buildings
Prefabricated Control Point BuildingsIraq
Prefabricated Campground
Prefabricated CampgroundIraq
Prefabricated Camp Project
Prefabricated Camp ProjectGhana
Prefabricated Mosque Project
Prefabricated Mosque ProjectLibya
Engineer Offices Project
Engineer Offices ProjectQatar
Airport Camp Project
Airport Camp ProjectLibya
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