City Furniture

Hebo Yapı City Furniture

The city furniture we produce under the Hebo City brand in its widest definition, is modular living spaces that facilitate the daily lives of the individuals and contribute directly to the general texture of the city as well.

We think that city furniture plays an important role in the new generation urbanism concept. We combine environmentally friendly raw materials and the technology of 21st century to reveal the effects of urban design on new urbanism with the Hebo City products, that we manufacture in this respect. Our products, which may have a stony appearance beside a historical building, a wooden appearance in a forest and glass or metal appearance in front of a modern sky-scraper, become part of the pattern, in which it is placed and this is its biggest visual advantage .

While providing multifunctional solutions in the interior of smaller spaces, they offer also a great harmony with their external appearance to all types of urban patterns with the richness of the façade covering types, prepared by taking the existing constructions into consideration. Moreover, thanks to the environmentally friendly and local raw materials, that we use in our production, we contribute to the preservation of ecological balance while contributing to sustainable living.

The cab stand that you use for daily trips; the sales kiosk where you buy bus tickets; the security cabin in front of your building; the cabin in the parking lot where you leave your car; the sales kiosk where you shop every day; the cafeteria in the park where you at weekends; the police point in front of the police station in our neighborhood; the cash dispenser where you get money; briefly, all the ready-made structures we use in the urban life are the Hebo City products that we manufacture within the range of city furniture.