Light Steel Structure

Light Steel Construction Solutions

Lightweight steel prefabricated structures produced by Hebo Yapı using cutting-edge technologies are distinguished from their competitors in the sector with freedom of design, production quality, ease of assembly, environment-friendly formation and ease of use. The profile system in use is transferred to the machine lines via special computer programs and millimetric production is provided.

One of the greatest advantages of Light Steel Prefabricated Structures is that they do not have to adhere to the panel measurements as in the prefabricated buildings and they do not need the closure profiles that have to be used between the panels. In this regard, light steel prefabricated structures can be mentioned completely in terms of design freedom. This freedom can be raised up to 8 floors in the buildings. This means that light steel prefabricated construction technology up to 8 floors has been implemented by Hebo Yapı via Hekim Holding for the first time in Turkey.

The production technique of light steel prefabricated buildings differs from the standard type prefabricated buildings. The steel is woven knot by knot like a spider's nest , connected via specially designed screws from the ground up to the trusses and a monolithic system is created. This system is made up of necessary insulation and coatings.

Due to the fact that no system welding is used and screw holes are opened via machine lines with millimeter touches, a very comfortable assembly process takes place on the construction site. The system which can be installed in a very short time has the feature of being re-used in a different location by being de-mounted if necessary.

Light steel prefabricated buildings are entirely nature-friendly; since 90% is made from recyclable materials, materials can be used repeatedly and do not damage the environment. 

The light prefabricated steel system, offering ease of use, can be used as offices, health buildings, training buildings or residences according to its type. Regardless of the way they are used, these structures provide comfortable and convenient usage due to the fact that they do not contain substances harmful for comfort and health.

Light Steel Structure Projects

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Hebo Prestige – High Standards Accomodation BuildingsUnited Arab Emirates
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Accommodation ProjectUnited Arab Emirates
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Duplex Light Steel Office BuildingTurkey
Light Steel Office Project
Light Steel Office ProjectGabon
Villa Project
Villa ProjectEquatorial Guinea
Light Steel Office Building
Light Steel Office BuildingTurkey
School Project
School ProjectLibya
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School ProjectsIraq
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