Hebo Container Solutions

Containers are preferred products because they are low cost and produced fast. In the construction of our containers, which are manufactured with Non-Welding Construction Technology, high quality galvanized structure steel and in coating the outer surface galvanized trapezoidal sheet coated with film are used.

Black sheet, DKP sheet and welding are not used in our standard container production. Galvanizing in containers is important and necessary for preventing the steel of rusting. For this reason, our containers do not have any rusting problem. In addition, containers have high resistance to all weather conditions and make long-term use convenient. The welds made at the joints that we see in the application of many firms cause corrosion in the containers.

In our container production, bolts and nuts system is used at joints and welding is definitely not used. The construction made with non-welded joints make the containers more resistant.

For the floor coverings of the containers, HekimBoard natural cement sheets (fibercement), which are produced by Hekim Yapı A.Ş., and not affected by climatic conditions and water, and have superior properties that do not contain asbestos, are used.

The reasons for preferring the containers that we produce for our customers; are resistance against earthquakes, good quality, easy shipment, long life, economical and free of corrosion risk. The Structure Robot line, where we manufacture our containers have a production capacity of 1500 pieces / month.

We share our differences ranging from production to assembly and our superiorities with our professional and end customers and continue to our customers with our superior production technologies to our quality services and without sacrificing our speed.

General Usage Areasof Containers

Modular System Container

Modular system containers can be used as single and double decks. Such containers can be used as offices and bureaus, prefabricated buildings, canteens and dormitories, prefabricated military installations, WC - showers and warehouses. Modular system containers are also designed for special purposes.

Container WC-shower groups are very strong thanks to its strong steel construction. It is convenient to relocate frequently. Water and electricity installations are prepared by us. Since the water pipes are behind and not under the container, they are easily connected to the mains water and sewer. Because there many WC and shower units can be placed in it, it will meet the need in large sites, crowded organizations, construction sites. All WC-shower groups have mirrors, washbasins, Turkish or European style WCs, paper holders, shelves, toilet seat covers, soap dispensers and aspirators, automatic fuses, socket keys, wiring and lighting fixtures.

Special solutions are available for disabled citizens.

Panel System Containers

EPS panel containers with high insulation value are preferred in areas with severe seasonal conditions. Panel systems can be used as single-ply and multi-ply containers, such as containers and module system containers, and can be manufactured as assembled or disassembled. With different panel thickness alternatives, they can be suitable to the desired climate regions. 

Usage areas of panel system containers are office and bureaus, dormitory and dining hall, prefabricated buildings, prefabricated military facilities, WC-shower and warehouse etc.

Mobile Containers

It is the general choice of companies that change construction sites very frequently because the mobile containers have the ability to be moved. Togled Mobile Containers have no operations such as installation and assembly, they save time because they can move.

Demounted Containers

Since the demountable container has the ability to dismantle it, it takes up much less space during shipment and does not remove shipping difficulties and provides ease of transportation. Like mobile system containers, demountable containers are alternatively preferred.

Major Container Types; Modular System Containers, Panel System Containers, Demounted Containers, WC Containers, Shower Containers, Office Containers, WC-Shower Containers, Security Containers, Mobile Containers, Camp Containers.

Flatpack Containers

Flatpack container; is the container dismantled in the pieces of lower chassis-upper chassis, corner columns, wall panels, door and window seams, to provide space advantages during transportation. Our It is our demontable container production system using Hekim Sandwich Panels. Transportation, rapid production and fast installation are the most important advantages of these systems.

With the special packaging system used, the materials used in the container are prevented from being damaged during shipment and high product performance is ensured. Container assembly is completed quickly in the construction site environment and made ready for use.

Hebo Yapı is one of the leading manufacturers, coming to the mind when containers are in question. The containers exported to more than 60 countries under the Hebo brand get full marks from customers in terms of both quality and reasonable prices. Another feature that distinguishes Hebo Yapı from its competitors is the fact that it possesses a structure and technology that can design container projects to conform the needs and to produce the containers designed in this way.

Besides being capable of producing containers, distinguishing according to the needs, it is also very important to deliver this need to the customer in the easiest and most ergonomic way. Hebo Yapı has developed different production methods and different loading methods in this regard and put them in the service of the customers. These are features in which the containers can be transported by being mounted, can be transported in a flatpack, and can be transported in a completely de-mounted profiles. In this way, it is very easy to despatch the products both to the remote regions in the country and abroad. From a one-room container with the sizes of 240x600 cm, 10 units can be shipped on only one 40 FT HC container. Thus, both transportation cost and installation cost can be saved.

Hebo Yapı, being one of the affilates of Hekim Holding at the same time, provides an additional assurance to its customers regarding after-sales services. In this context, Hebo Yapı's customers are able to find a company in a corporate structure to meet in any difficult situation and to produce instant solutions to their problems.

Containers produced by Hebo Yapı are also noteworthy for their specifications that are awarded in many parts of the world. These containers have the quality, demanded not only in domestic market but also abroad, and even in the most developed regions of the world.

Container Projects

Refugee Camp Project
Refugee Camp ProjectGermany
Single and Two Storey Container Project
Single and Two Storey Container ProjectTurkey
Three Storey Container Project
Three Storey Container ProjectTurkey
Construction Site Container Project
Construction Site Container ProjectQatar
Container Office Project
Container Office ProjectQatar
Military Camp Project
Military Camp ProjectAfghanistan
Container Camp Project
Container Camp ProjectBulgaria
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