Steel Warehouse

Steel Warehouse Solutions

The steel tanks produced from the light steel system by welding system technology can be produced up to a height of 4 m to 10 m according to the needs of the customers. In such structures, if necessary, suspension cranes or mobile cranes can also be installed by Hebo Yapı.

This type of warehouses have been installed in the domestic market with many different features and measures and offered to the service of the customers. Such options include also insulated walls and roofs, and the type of insulation is determined according to the area where the building will be constructed. In this way, the products to be stored in the warehouse are protected in a healthy way. Such structures have already been established in countries like Turkey, Qatar, Libya, Gabon, Congo, Romania, Bulgaria and many others. They can be produced to conform with all kinds of climatic conditions.

The fact that steel sheets used in the production of steel warehouse buildings are produced with galvanized and welded system technology prolongs the life of the building and also enables it to be disassembled and installed many times.
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