Project Information

It is the camp mobilization for 'Oyak Construction Drogos Project', one of the most prestigious companies of Turkey, operating in various sectors and construction industry for over 60 years. 'Oyak Construction Drogos Project' is one of the most significant construction projects in the region, which will be constituted of 414 housing units, 156 offices and 10 street stores once it is completed. Hebo Yapı has built work spaces for administrative personnel as well as construction site buildings şantiye binaları (construction site buildings) to meet accommodation and dining need of infrastructure and superstructure personnel for camp mobilization as part of the project Hebo Yapı .

In the project;

  • 2 each connectable type dorm buildings with a total capacity of 3.000 m² and 850 people, 3 storeys for blue collar personnel,
  • Connectable type dining building with a total capacity of 500 m² and 850 people,
  • 450 m² connectable type, 3 storeys administrative office,
  • Administrative personnel dining hall and white collar guesthouse with a capacity of 200 m² and 40 people,
  • 500 m², 2 storeys, connectable type sub-contractor office,
  • 500 m² and 7.00 m high steel hangar storage building and security boots in various sizes, and
  • Camp site over 5000 m² are quickly built and delivered for service.