Project Information

Hebo City products are the products that we developed by evaluating the impacts of urban design on the new urbanism perception. Our aim is to meet the contemporary requirements and to use our products to contribute to city development.

Hebo City containers produced by the use of fibercement based A1 grade fireproof HEKIMBOARD materials produced in the facilities of Hekim Yapı A.Ş. which is another of the companies under HEKİM HOLDİNG, are used in the inner and outer wall covering of the sheet metal, polyester, composite, aluminum, it is much more advantageous in terms of contemporary, aesthetic and environmental friendliness.

With such features; while offering multifunctional solutions in interior spaces and small spaces, the exterior appearance and the richness of the various facade coatings provide great harmony with the texture of the city.

It is used safely in offices, taxi stands, kiosks, security clubs, sales points etc. with its wide range of usage possibilities.