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HEBO Yapı is a company for manufacturing of prefabricated buildings, porta cabins as containers, flatpack type specially. Regarding the container types, actually is mostly is concentrated on to camp buildings, like emergency cases like the earthquake and after the war. HEBO Yapi units are mostly used as camping houses, in Western Europe for example in Netherlands, in Iceland.
Hebo has chance to
use fibercement board as a first class fire and waterproof.
This is very important for humanity actually for the security of the people to live in.
And also unwell the system thecnology to manufacture the prefabs
and containers giving advantage to make the units as demonted
to easy transportation plus easy installation at side where it is located.
Beside these advantages HEBO Yapi also has big capacity to manufacture containers per month the container capasity to manufacture is around 4000 units in 20 feet flatpack type of containers.For prefabricated buildings we have capacity around 80.000m2 per month.