May 15 2016
39th Istanbul International Construction Fair

This year, too, Hebo Yapı A.Ş. marked the city-style .

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Hebo Yapı A.Ş. with its booth, designed especially for the 39th Istanbul Construction Fair in modern style in the concept of a sales office, offered its product range which is a blend of the experience of 20 years in the global standards and norms to the industry professionals. Hebo Yapı reveals its difference in ready, modular and portable structures. It was one of the most attractive booths at the fair.

Setting off with the mission “Freedom of Design”, Hebo Yapı A.Ş. produces prefabricated living spaces and industrial products in accordance with the requirements of individuals and institutions beyond today’s functional expectations under its new generation Hebo City brand. Thanks to its difference created by combining its products, created to meet the requirements of the cities, with the modern design elements and achieved a pioneering position in the sector. And also; meets the requirements of the market by facilitating life with city furniture, multipurpose living containers, security cabins, sales units, mobile wc-showers, changing cabins and project-based boutiques. Hebo Yapı A.Ş. aims to meet the contemporary requirements in new urbanism and to use its products in a way to contribute to the development of city. It attracts attention with the living spaces which have the facilities of being able to be transported in one piece, in desired dimensions, and to be delivered as demounted if desired.

With its qualified product range and alternative solution focus in its projects, Hebo Yapı A.Ş. as well as conceptual and architectural textures that are compatible with the locations where it is located, as well as sales units, buffets, taxi stands, consultation-communication points, wc cabins, as well as exclusive multi-purpose prefabricated structures. Hebo Yapı A.Ş. all this product range and innovative vision will continue to take an active role in new urban constructions. Hebo Yapı A.Ş. 6 continents, 70 countries, 3,100,000 square meters, aims to exist everywhere in the world where human live.

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