October 28 2013
26th Ankara Building Fair

Hebo Yapı Ankara Building and Construction Fair

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Hebo Yapı’s star continued to shine at the 26th Building & Construction Fair in Ankara. Hebo Yapı’s booth, making a strong impression with its superior technology and new investments, was visited by many government and municipality senior executives, especially the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Malik Gökçek and Republican People’s Party deputy of Ankara, Mr. Sinan Aygün and they have been informed in details. Hebo Yapı conductred bilateral negotions with the esteemed officials of the contracting companies, operating all over the world and visiting the fair and stated that it be participating in the projects that provide added value to our country with its cheaper but more efficient novel systems.

During the interviews with Mr. Melih Gökçek and bureaucrats, a consensus was met to implement the Hebo Projects, which are being carried out together with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, also in our Capital Ankara by improving them and Hebo Yapı started to work on it.

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