January 19 2015
The New Generation Hebo City Communicates Its Trademark Everywhere
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Multipurpose life containers and city furnitures; Eye-catching details with the difference of Hebo City …

The fashionable Hebo City brand of Hebo Yapı A.Ş. continues to be among your priority preference with its eye-catching architectural texture, concepts that are compatible with the locations, different themes, functional and quality products. Hebo City makes a difference with multi-purpose living containers, city furnishings, buffets, cab stands, consultation-communication points, sales units, decorated wc cabins and exclusive prefabricated structures. In recent days, you can see books, toys and clothes in many places with piggyback cabins, hobby houses, decorative security cabins for schools and sites, cab stands, communication and information points, mobile wc units, double storey and spacious span office buildings, hospitals and so on, Hebo City represents your confidence, comfort and aesthetics in your living spaces. The new generation Hebo City brand is everywhere.