October 14 2013
Prefabricated Houses Coming Downtown
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Prefabricated houses preferred in highlands, vineyards, gardens and summer houses due to the fact that they could not usually be built as high up to three floors till today, but it can built up to eight floors due to long-term R & D studies of Hebo Yapı.

Our company’s marketing manager, Mr.Ilyas Çırak, told to the Habertürk newspaper in the Ankara Construction Fair that the prefabricated houses will be used as apartment buildings in the city centers, thanks to projects that can be made up to eight floors. Mr. Çırak said that prefabricated houses, which are unknown to many until 3-5 years ago, have been demanded intensively in recent years.

Çırak reminded that prefabricated housing demands, mostly in highlands, vineyards, gardens and summer lands, have been preferred up to now because of the inability to build high-rise prefabricated houses. “We wanted to solve this problem as a company. Our long-running R & D studies are about to yield fruit.Within this scope, we will start to build eight storeyed prefabricated houses until the end of 2014 “.

Noting that this technology will be spent entirely by Turkish engineers and capital, Çırak said: “Until today, prefabricated houses were not used in city centers. Because, in people, the construction of 2-3 storey dwellings in city centers increases the housing costs very much. In fact, even in the city center there were people who wanted to use prefabricated houses that were very fast to build and build, but it was our future not to be evaluated in 2-3 storey houses. High-rise buildings, which are now frequently found in the city, will be striking as prefabricated buildings. In a sense, as Hebo Yapı, we will meet prefabricated houses with city life.