September 04 2017
Increasing Rise in Overseas Projects
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Having celebrated the 21st anniversary this year, Hebo Yapı continues to work with customer focus in the awareness of the sector’s leadership.

Hebo Yapı A.Ş., continuously increasing its market share in the Middle East and especially in the Gulf Countries, has been actively involved in the establishment of new military bases in countries due to ongoing battles in the world as well as camp projects aimed at resolving the problem of the housing problem of refugees in the recent times. The company has completed all the projects by completing the bases and refugee camps in different parts of the UAE and in various parts of the world belonging to the official agencies of UAE (United Arab Emirates), with the awareness of our responsibility for a safe and healthy life.

Finally, the final stage of the installation of the buildings to be used in the works carried out under the scope of an important project in Dubai has been reached. Prefabricated buildings consisting of 6.000 m² prefabricated construction site in total serve as dining hall, dormitory, school, office, clinic, sports hall and auditorium. The buildings constructed with carcass system are specially designed according to the project and conditions of the region.

Hebo Yapı has brought solutions to different needs with single storey, multi storey living space projects and made itself recognized by carrying the production quality to European standards.
Because of the modularity of the constructions, production suitable for every kind of weather conditions , enabling practical and quick assembly and being economical they are preferred everywhere.