December 11 2019
Hebo Yapı Sale Cabins Appeal Great Interest
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Practical sales cabin technology, which makes life easier for the city inhabitants, has captured a new horizon with Hebo Yapı. These designs, which are employed as bakery sales cabins, box offices and security shacks, have maximum usage quality in four seasons.

Interest in the Cabin models of Hebo Yapı, which are resistant to such adverse weather conditions as humidity, temperature and the like, continues to increase each passing day. Bakery products, which are commonly consumed in our country and considered to be the basic food category, meets together with its consumers in a short time thanks to its sales cabins.

A More Practical and Economical Option

The sales cabin, which is more practical and economical than the construction sector, is compatible with the heating installation. All cabins have been equipped with the electrical installation inside and toilet and sink sections can be added upon request. Hebo Yapı offers fast and practical solutions in this category with its high quality cabin manufacture that can be used for many years without any problems.

The doors of the cabins are manufactured from aluminum or PVC door systems. This system includes gasket, lock, handle, hinge and double glazing system. It also offers thermal insulation in the door frame upon demand. All four sides of the sales cabin system have features with thermal, acoustic and moisture insulation

Hebo Yapı sales cabin technology, which does not require any paint or whitewashing, and always looks aesthetic due to its special surface texture, became a preferred brand in a very short time.

Beware Before You Buy a Cabin!

Visit Hebo Yapı, which has proven itself in this industry, before choosing a bakery sales cabin, a ticket box office and a security shack. The company examines the area where the cabin will be employed, and offers the most appropriate sales cabin models. Single person and double person cabins are being tested at this stage. After choosing the most suitable cabin model according to the usage method and the place to be installed, the company assembles the cabin in a short time with its assembly team.

The cabins can be started to be used immediately after the assembly process. The cabin brought by crane can be used on the same day. The cabins of the company do not cause any problems regarding computer installation, electrical connection, heating installation connection and internet connection. For the desired façades of the cabin, the opening system for sales or fixed system glass for exhibition purposes can be applied. The floor of the cabin is also plastic. Hebo Yapı cabin structures, which, in no way, shall take water from anywhere, can be used without any problem for many years.

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