February 03 2015
A Look at the Urban Transformation through the Sector
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1 -) What is the opinion of Hebo Yapı A.Ş. about ​​Urban Transformation as one of members of the industry?
The rapid industrialization that emerged especially after 1960 in Turkey, brought immigration to the city with it. Thus, the population of the country started to concentrate in the cities. Unfortunately, this rapid structuring brought about problems such as unplanned and unsupervised urbanization at first hand and disrepair of agricultural fields, transportation and infrastructure deficiencies, lack of social habitats, environmental degradation or pollution. For all these reasons, the city structure in Turkey, especially Istanbul, needs to be renovated.

2 -) How should the Urban Transformation progress?
Although more reliable houses have been built in recent years, especially after the 1999 earthquake, more than 70 percent of existing homes still have risks.First of all, the renewal of these buildings should be completed as soon as possible. However, we should not consider Urban Transformation just as a project where only buildings are strengthened. Studies in the regions to be transformed should be carried out in consideration of socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions. People should not be taken or moved from their living area. On the contrary, in consideration of the living habits and preferences of the people, it is necessary to create cities that are not alienated from the people, that are not separated from the social life, but which are in peace with nature as well. The accommodation problem of human being is as old as human history. This problem should be solved by the projects that prevent the unhealthy growth of cities, the destruction of agriculture and forest lands, and the destruction of historical artifacts that constitute urban identity.

3 -) How is Hebo Yapı A.Ş. involved in Urban Transformation projects?
Urban Transformation projects contribute to the revitalization of the construction industry. This fact has enabled us, the Hebo Yapı A.Ş., too, in many projects. We are involved in many mass housing projects of state and private institutions as well as in the private projets of many projects of construction companies with the construction site buildings of Hebo Yapı A.Ş.. We provide fast, quality, economical and aesthetic solutions to all the needs of the staff who work with our camps for their accommodation, food, work and social purposes. In addition, besides housing, we also carry out projects for renewed public buildings and manufacture special constructions for many different purposes such as school, kindergarten, social facility and work offices besided the housing works. Moreover, we contribute directly to the overall texture of the city with our Hebo City branded products. For this reason, we think that these products have a special design in the next generation urbanism.

4 -) Where is Hebo City positioned in environmental and city planing?
The products we produce under Hebo City brand are the city furniture in the most general definition. We use the cab stand we used while traveling in the day, the box office cabin we bought the bus ticket, the security point in front of our apartment, the parking cabin we parked in our car, the sales kiosk we shop every day, the cafeteria in the park, the police point in front of the police station in our neighborhood, the cash dispenser we use for money, and all the ready-made structures we use in city life are the products of the Hebo City brand.

5 -) What are the distinguishing features of Hebo City brand products in urban texture?
Hebo City products are the products that we uncover by combining environmentally friendly raw materials with the latest technology and the requirements of today’s urbanism. While providing great solutions in small areas, the richness of the façade coatings, prepared by taking the existing construction with its external appearance into account, provide a great harmony with the urban texture. It is the biggest visual advantage of our products to become a part of the pattern, in which it is placed , by having a stony appearance beside a historical building, a wooden appearance in a forest and glass or metal appearance in front of a modern sky-scraper. Moreover, thanks to the environmental friendly and local materials, that we use in the production of prefabricated houses, mainly Hebo City products, the sustainable life is contributed while protecting the ecological balance.