July 06 2020
PanelCity Cabins
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While producing prefabricated living spaces and industrial modular structures in accordance with the needs of individuals and institutions in line with its expertise in the fields of R&D and P&D (product development), Hebo Yapı A.Ş., a Hekim Holding company, aims to meet the contemporary needs in the new urbanism approach and use the products in a way that contributes to the development of the city.

With this perspective, PanelCity cabins produced by Hebo Yapı have a great importance in the sector with their contemporary, aesthetic and environmentally friendly structure. The cabins, which took their place in the market with the PanelCity brand, are modular structures that provide ease of assembly in different areas of use as well as its fast production, robust and long-lasting structure, ease of transportation and superior insulation values.

Light steel technology is used in the manufacture of these products, which are used as urban furniture. Ceiling and floor profiles produced with HekimStructureRobot technology using galvanized sheet, the carrier corner and C – U profiles are combined with bolted and screwed connections. The modular structures produced using HekimPanel branded sandwich panel systems on their walls allow mobile use with their easy-to-carry, easy-to-clean and lightweight features.

PanelCity cabins, in the most general definition, are modular living spaces that facilitate the life of individuals in daily life and also contribute directly to the general texture of the city as well. In the new generation urbanism approach, urban furniture has a special importance as they are structures that directly penetrate urban life and urban silhouette. The products produced from this point of view, combined with environmentalist raw materials and 21st century technology, emerge by evaluating the effects of urban design on the new urbanism approach.

With its ability to adapt living spaces, which have features of ease of transportation in desired sizes, in one piece and delivery as disassembled when requested, to all kinds of urban texture and functional production solutions, Hebo Yapı offers special solutions to industry professionals with its R&D studies developing day by day, its technological infrastructure that can be designed completely according to personal demands, its variety of coatings on the outer surface, and functional production solutions.

PanelCity cabins are products that meet the needs of both the public and private sectors as well as individual demands. It can be used especially as a security booth for surveillance and control, a guard cabin at construction sites, a guardhouse in military units, security and guard booths in apartments and building complexes. It serves many needs suitable for collective use in city centers such as control points, information booths, sales kiosks, WC-showers. In addition to standard cabins, cabins in different sizes and features can be manufactured in line with different customer needs.