Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is to observe environmental statutes and regulations, keep environmental impacts under control and mitigate those impacts in order to protect and ensure sustainability of the environment, continuously improve our environmental policy and integrate our production activities with Sustainable development and Environmental Protection, and leave a clean, habitable environment for future generations.

Activities to be Performed to Facilitate Our Policy

  • Ensure continuous development and improvement by fulfilling all legal requirements and customer requirements in respect to environmental aspects.
  • Ensure protection of natural resources by utilizing appropriate technologies that have minimum damage on the environment to the extent of technical and economical potentials and reducing raw material use.
  • Consider environmental impacts in facility and process designs.
  • Improve our environmental management system in line with continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  • Raise awareness and ensure contribution of our subcontractors and neighbor society in all of our efforts in respect to our environmental responsibility.
  • Facilitate continuous communication and collaboration for improvement of our products’ environmental impact throughout life cycle, and make contribution to increasing of environmental awareness.
  • Minimize emergency risks that may arise in terms of occupational health and safety codes, and establish health, safety and environmental integrity.